Hangsen E-Liquids in the UK

We are one of the biggest suppliers of hangsen e-liquids in the UK with over 150 hangsen e-liquid flavours being stocked at any given time on our website, in a variety of strengths and mixes to suit everyone. We only sell genuine hangsen vape juices.

Why Hangsen?

Hangsen is probably the most widely available e-liquid brand, not only in the UK, but in the world. They were the first big investors in the vape juice market and have grown and adapted with the industry over the years and still provide the majority of lighter e-cigarette users with their daily supply of e-juice. Although made in China, Hangsen are a very high quality e-liquid brand.

Today Hangsen make hundreds of different flavours of their e-liquids as well as various vape kits and other accessories. They started with just one mix of 70% PG / 30% VG for their e-liquids but now offer two others – 70% VG / 30% PG and a 50/50 mix.

Hangsen have 3 main e-liquid ranges – Atom series, Honor series and Vengers series.

Hangsen E-Liquid Quality

Many new vapers believe that Hangsen are of low quality because they’re made in China yet are happy to forget that the shiny new iPhone they have lay down right beside their e-cigarette was made in China, too.

Trust us when we tell you that Hangsen don’t compromise on quality. Their vape liquids are some of the best tasting in the industry, made with the very best quality ingredients, USP Grade, imported from the U.S., in fact. And being on top in a very competitive industry since 2009 says it all really, doesn’t it? They’re also TPD and CLP compliant.

Some of our most popular hangsen e-liquids:

  • golden virginia
  • marlboro
  • rainbow
  • b&h
  • menthol
  • iced mint
  • ry4
  • ry6

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